PM Modi will launch the I-STEM portal on Friday

NEW DELHI: The Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch on Friday the portal of the Map of Science, Technology and Engineering facilities of India (I-STEM) that is designed to be the gateway for researchers to locate the specific type of facilities they need for their R&D work D in India.

Announced as a One Nation One research web portal for the scientific community, the portal will link researchers and resources, maintain a database of all R&D facilities established in institutions across the country and allow them to be shared transparently .

More than 17,000 teams located in approximately 427 institutions across India have been included in I-STEM to help researchers gain access to these facilities. The IP-protected Portal has been built and managed by the Nanoscience Center of the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru.

The portal will be launched on the opening day of the 107th edition of the Indian Science Congress at the University of Agricultural Sciences (UASB) in Bangalore.

“The project was conceptualized by the government's chief scientific advisor's office as a national program. It will be required that all academic institutions, national research laboratories and institutions assisted/affiliated with R&D facilities (in science, technology, engineering, medicine and agriculture), financed by the government, include them in the list, ”said a official.

In addition, this will also serve to provide a live inventory of R&D facilities in academia, national laboratories and industry, whether created with public and private investment.

According to the department of science and technology (DST), the I-STEM portal is designed to be the gateway for users/researchers to locate the specific type of installation they need for their R&D work and identify what It is closer to them or available as soon as possible.

Once an investigator locates the desired facility through I-STEM, he can make a reservation online for use by paying it through a secure payment gateway, an official DST note said.

He said: “Not only public and private academic institutions, but the industry will also be able to share its R&D laboratory equipment, as well as scientific products/equipment accessories. In addition, the industry will also be able to access the necessary facilities through I-STEM for its R&D.

The measure is expected to allow new companies to take advantage of public and private investment to pursue their innovative ideas and create successful products and services.