Gauri Khan reaffirmed that this would be the most popular lighting trend in 2020

At the beginning of the year, most of us are discovering what will be popular and what will come out of the interior trends this year. While in 2019, trends backed to be minimalist, there is a trend that stood out in regards to lighting. The circular LED candlesticks became a success when we were about to finish the decade in 2019 and this trend will surely continue in 2020.

One of the most famous interior design houses, Gauri Khan Design s posted a photo wishing his followers to emphasize the hanging lamp and we understood that this lighting will not fade too soon.

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#gaurikhandesigns looking forward to working on our multiple projects ... 2020 # real estate and express design

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Mostly made of acrylic and glass, this LED circular pendant lighting looks modern and elegant and expands the room with its futuristic look. Another reason for these lights to gain popularity is because they do not omit the focus light but diffuse diffused ambient lighting.


These circular pendant lights are made of acrylic and, therefore, are lightweight, which makes it an excellent choice to hang on all types of ceilings.

Easy in your pocket

These LED acrylic lamps are much more affordable than heavy glass lamps and look modern and elegant.

Energy saving

LEDs emit more lumens per watt than incandescent bulbs. The efficiency of LED lighting devices is not affected by shape and size, unlike fluorescent bulbs or tubes. Therefore, these candlesticks are truly futuristic, in design and function as well.