Kahaan Hum update Kahaan Tum, January 2: Sonakshi tattooed Rohit's name

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum update, January 2: Sonakshi a tattoo of Rohit 'name of

In the latest episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, Tanya goes to open the door of Pari's house when the bell rings. Pari gets tensed thinking it is Rohan but it turns out that it was their help.

Pari is relaxed and Tanya asks what the reason is. Tanya asks Pari to join Rohan so he can help her catch the woman. She leaves and Pari quickly calls Rohan asking him not to go home.

Rohan says he already left because he had seen Tanya's car outside his house.

At Sippy mansion, Rohit is with Sonakshi and shares a romantic moment. Later, the entire family is excited about the Christmas party when they see Pooja leaving for the party.

Nishi asks him why he will go to the party when he asked him not to. Pooja ignores Nishi and thanks Rani for trusting her. Sona asks Pooja to stop and confronts Rani about what he is doing. She also tells him that Nishi bua has more rights over Pooja since she raised her.

He also asks Rani not to create differences between Pooja and Nishi. He also asks Rani to respect Nishi's decisions as he knows what is best for Pooja.

Pooja tries to talk, but Sona tells him to convince Nishi that his decision to go to the party is correct. Pooja decides not to go to the party and goes to his room.

Sona warns Rani not to believe differences between Pooja and his family or else he will have to pay for it. Rani apologizes to Sona and leaves.

Rohit tells Sona that he is proud of her for handling the situation so well.

Sona goes to her father-in-law's room and mother-in-law and receives gifts for them. Naren doesn't talk to her, but Veena thanks her for the gifts.

Sona goes to her room while Rohit and Sona get romantic. She shows him her surprise, the tattoo of Rohit 's name. Rohit is surprised. I have hugs her tightly.

Sona receives a call from Netra ji and the first one says that her decision is final.

Rohit gets his hands on Rani's letter and says he was waiting for some proof against Rani.