Beyhadh Update January 2, 2: Rudra is furious to know about MJ buying his company's stock

The last episode of Beyhadh 2 Start with Ananya celebrating Rishi Union Rudra The company. His family congratulates him and enjoys the moment.

MJ tells his secretary that Rudra shouldn’t come to know about him buying shares of the company. MJ is now the boss of the company. I have toast for Rishi.

Rudra thanks his dad to portray a happy image for Rishi.

Maya now thinks about changing her game plan.

Rudra goes to office and sees Maya packing her stuff. Maya insults Rudra and his family. She cancels the contract. Rudra says that he will sue her.

An injured Rajeev comes to the office. Maya blame Rudra’s father for forcefully taking the shares and beating up Rajeev. Rudra and Rishi don’t want to believe Maya.

MJ has sent Ankit to keep an eye on Rudra and Rishi. He hears Maya’s voice over the call and wants to know who’s voice it is. Ankit tells MJ that it was just Ananya’s voice. MJ doesn’t want to believe.

Soon, Rudra comes and takes MJ’s name. He looks furious and shouts at MJ. He tells his father to stay away from his life. Rajeev enters their house.

Rudra tells his mother not to interfere as MJ tried to buy shares of his company.

Maya looks at everything through a spy camera that she planted in Rajeev's coat.