The triumph of the world title was an unexpected success: Koneru Humpy

CHENNAI: The new Indian world champion, Koneru Humpy, says it was a dream to win a world title, but the triumph in the blitz format surprised her even herself, since she was always a contender in the classic format.

Humpy culminated in 2019 in an impressive way since returning to the sport this year after starting a family.

This is my first world title. People expected me to become a world champion for a long time and it was really unexpected. I was not favorite in the fast tournament. I finished well in the final standings and reached the playoff, Humpy told PTI after returning from Moscow.

She had finished 12 in the blitz event that followed the win in quick format.

Humpy, based in Vijayawada, said it has pending issues to win the classic format of the world title and will strive to achieve it.

She had lost in the final of the world championship in classic format for Hou Yifan in 2011.

I was always the contender, but I did not become the champion. I was close to that. I will keep playing and fighting for that. It will come, when necessary. It is a totally different challenge for the classic world title. You need different types of skills for different formats. I will continue to do my best to achieve that great goal.

On being away from the game and what motivated her to return, the 32-year-old, who has a two-year-old daughter, said she had never left the sport.

I always wanted to go back and it was planned. Once she (my daughter) was born, I thought that after a year, I decided to start playing tournaments. But, of course, the first tournaments were bad. Performance for me.

Obviously with a break, playing at a higher professional level, it is expected that it will not be easy to succeed. Starting in January, I started doing well. I started with Gibraltar and I did quite well there.

His biggest victories were in the Women's Grand Prix in September in Russia and his first joint final in the Monaco Grand Prix. She was also the best foreign player in the Chinese League, where she remained undefeated.

Overall, I had a good performance in the year (2019) with a gain of 30 qualification points in classic and around 45 points in rapid.

Humpy, who won multiple world titles at the age group events, said he would play the Grand Prix finals in May in Italy, apart from several other tournaments.

The Indian ace, who admires the boxer Mary Kom and tennis legend Serena Williams for her great performances after childbirth, said caring for her daughter while she came back was made easy with the help of her family.

My parents and in-laws stay in the same place. It's a 10-minute trip, so it's easy for me to send them the baby while I'm working. It's manageable, said Humpy, who received the tip of being a world champion by many, including the legendary Viswanathan Anand .

At this time, it is time to enjoy this memorable victory, he signed.