After the honey trap exposure, several ministers of Parliament are looking for staff changes

BHOPAL: After the participation of two officers in special service (OSD) in the most infamous honey trap and the blackmail scandal, more than a dozen ministers in the government led by Kamal Nath have sought staff changes.

The sources revealed that the ministers have accused Babus, who allegedly had been loyal to the previous BJP government and was involved in several scams, for defaming the image of the government of Congress.

A charge sheet that was filed by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) in the busted extortion scam and Bhopal in September this year named four persons, Sapna Swapnil Jain, Sapna Vijay Jain, Arti Dayal and Abhishek Singh, as main accused who lured a minor to come to Bhopal for higher studies but, introduced her to other accused for alleged human trafficking

The 155-page charge sheet filed on December 30 in a local court identified two special service officers (OSD) of two cabinet ministers, two senior IAS officials and a businessman as victims of the blackmail racket and blackmail allegedly directed by six women and two men in the state for several years.

High-ranking sources revealed that the state's civil and food minister, Pradyumn Singh Tomar, and the state's mining minister have already written to the prime minister's office (CMO) and the general administration department (GAD) to change your personal staff since their names have appeared on SIT. charge sheet

Taking the matter seriously, more than a dozen ministers have recommended staff changes. They have also claimed that officials close to the previous saffron government could damage the image of the party and the government if they did not deviate immediately.

Staff close to the ministers Tomar and Jaiswal confirmed having prepared and sent the note sheets for the change. The DSBs have moved to their main department, they said.

GAD Minister Govind Singh has already changed his staff. The state head of Congress, Deepak Babaria, and the CM secretariat have also taken note of the demands made by the ministers. The government has also sought a detailed report of the personal record of the DSBs and the designated staff in the minister's office, sources in Mantralaya said.

Congressional ministers should have known that buses near the previous BJP government should have been diverted. It is for the good that several ministers have now realized and sought the replacement of their staff after the exposure of two OSDs in the infamous scam. The government of Congress will keep a note of this also in the future, the head of the state legal cell of Congress, JP Dhanopia, confirmed the reports to TOI.

Congressional leaders alleged that the mining minister staff member was sent as a teacher in the tribal department. During his publication in Khargone, there were complaints against him for his involvement in an alleged corruption.

The leader of BJP, Krishna Murari Moghe, had demanded that the previous Saffron government divert it, but the minister had saved him and designated him as OSD. In the honey trap scandal, the child who was attracted to the meat trade told investigators that gang members forced her to have sex with two senior government officials (OSD).

However, the BJP criticized the government of Congress for blaming the government of saffron. The congressional government is trying to hide the names of several IAS officers allegedly involved in the honey trap scandal, but, to shed their responsibility, the government is trying to blame the BJP. They should act against the guilty instead of politicizing the matter. BJP state spokesman Rajneesh Agrawal said.