Complaint against Sambit Patra, Tarek Fatah for tweet 'deceptive'

LUCKNOW: The leader of the UP Congress, Naseemuddin Siddiqui, filed a police complaint against BJP's national spokesman, Sambit Patra, and the Pakistani journalist and author based in Canada for allegedly slandering his image.

Siddiqui was reacting to a video posted by both of them from their social networks. In the video, a man was seen and heard to say: First we are Muslims and then Hindustanis. Both Patra and Fatah said that the man in question is Naseemuddin Siddiqui, while he is not.

Speaking to reporters, Siddiqui said that Patra and Fateh had tried to tarnish their image and damage the reputation of the Congress Party. I haven't said any of that, I'm not even there in the video. I was forced to take legal action against them, since the video published by them defames my image as well as presenting my party with the wrong light, ”he said.

Siddiqui, an MLC assembly in UP, has sent a complaint to the chief police officer, senior police superintendent Lucknow and the UP Cyber ​​Cell Unit of UP Police Lucknow.

“I have never used such rude language in my entire political career. I think they are plotting a conspiracy against me. Measures must be taken against them, ”said Siddiqui, who also sent an email to Sambit Patra and Tarek Fateh saying that he was not in this video and that they should eliminate their misleading tweets.

Congressional leaders claimed that the man in the video is Maviya Ali, a Samajwadi party leader while the video dates back to 2017. In stating that Patra ignored the truth and did not eliminate the derogatory tweet, Siddiqui said: instead of correcting his mistake, he added insult to the political gain injury.

Stating that it appears that the man in the video is Mavia Ali from Samajwadi party who was projected as Nassimudin, Patra from his official twitter handle said: “....anyway Congress and Samajwadi party are siblings... You don’t hear a single Congress neta speaking against SP ...basic fact being there are “Political instigation” to what we are seeing on the streets.”

Meanwhile, the investigation into Naseemuddin's complaint has begun. The head of the UP Cyber ​​Cell Police Unit, Lucknow, Abhay Mishra said: “A FIR in the case will be recorded on merit. The investigation has begun.