Parthiv Patel bats for Rishabh Pant

KOLKATA: Parthiv Patel He made his international debut in 2002 against England on Trent Bridge at the age of 17 and 153 days to become Cricket test The youngest wicket carrier. The veteran of Gujarat, who knows one or two things about starting early, on Thursday backed the young gloves Rishabh pants , who casually made his test debut at Trent Bridge in 2018 at the age of 20 and 318 days to be the fifth youngest wicket carrier for india

Look, the fact that we are all talking so much about him (Rishabh) is because he is a special talent, Parthiv said in the Eden Gardens Thursday.

Pant has faced a lot of criticism for throwing his wicket all too often on the big stage. Parthiv advised the boy from Delhi to remain calm. Once you're not doing well, you'll find many opinions. I would ask him (Rishabh) to stay away from those opinions as much as possible, Parthiv suggested.

Gujarat's boss felt that Pant should not bother with what others say, since the team's leadership supports him. It is good that he (Pant) is receiving the support of the team management. Therefore, you should not worry about anything else ... just go out and express yourself, Parthiv said.

According to Parthiv, Pant is better placed to handle the situation. The pressure will always be there if you play for the country. All players feel it in several stages, but when I debuted we had no experience in playing IPL. But now young people play on the big stage (IPL) and share the costumes with big stars. So they don't carry so much pressure, Parthiv said.

The good thing is that you can see him (Pant) laughing and enjoying himself on the ground, which is a good sign. I am sure that he will soon leave this phase, Parthiv added.

The former India wicket carrier refused to agree that Pant has been found wanting in wicket-keeping skills. "I feel he made his debut under the toughest of conditions in England, where the ball was doing all sorts of things. But he did well. It's just that he needs a little more confidence which will come with age and matches," Parthiv signed off.