Waiting for a better crowd in Chennaiyin's tie, says midfielder Odisha FC Bikramjit

Opening his home run with to 2-1 victory over neighboring Jamshedpur FC just before the end of the year, Josep Gombau expects his boys to mark the beginning of to change of fortune from their first game of 2020. Second of the three consecutive games at home, Odisha FC welcome twice Indian Super League champions Chennaiyin FC to Kalinga Stadium Monday.

Aunque la victoria no fue completa por el aspecto del marcador, Odisha logró mostrar una buena exhibición y convirtió las posibilidades que se avecinaban para registrar puntos completos contra Jamshedpur y el estadio renovado recibió una pisada decente de cerca de 10000. Anfitriones El gaffer español Gombau estaba muy contento de ver que sus pupilos se desempeñaron bien frente to la multitud local el viernes pasado y esperaba que los jugadores continuaran en la misma línea.

The last match between the two sides ended in a 2-2 draw at Chennai, where Odisha star striker Aridane Santana scored a late draw to win a point for his side. Midfielder Bikramjit Singh , who won the crown with CFC in 2017-18, also hopes there will be a better response from local fans after his victory over Jamshedpur, coach of Antonio Iriondo.

"The last match was our first game to home, the fans came in good numbers and we won as well. We expect to better crowd in the next games as well because when to team does well, it makes the fans happy and they throng the stands for the next encounters. We also expect all the players to give their best in the upcoming games," said Bikramjit.

Speaking about the Chennaiyin tie, Gombau said, "Our next match against Chennaiyin FC will be to beautiful game for sure. We will work hard and try to win and get more points to home."