Thiruvananthapuram: Local CPM leader arrested for attempted murder

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A local police officer arrested a local on Thursday on charges of allegedly subjecting a man to a brutal assault for questioning extortion.

Pradeep, 29, of Naduthottam under the boundaries of the Parassala police station is the accused. He is the secretary of the Naduthottam branch of CPM. The author, alias, 39, from Injivila under the boundaries of the Parassala police station is being treated in Thiruvananthapuram Government Medical College Hospital. He has suffered five broken ribs, a fractured skull and lung injuries, according to police. Senthil Roy is a jaca seller.

The inspector of the house of the Parassala police station said that, according to the plaintiff's statement, he was attacked by a group of men, even during the first hours of January 1, in Valanvila after he refused to give them money to buy drinks for the new year. celebrations He was kicked and passed a rickshaw car over his body, which caused serious injuries to the ribcage.

The author mentioned four people he could identify and three men, whom he could not identify. Pradeep was one of those who were already identified. Therefore, we arrested him and recorded his arrest. The remaining assailants are being searched. said the inspector.

Although the alleged attack took place around 1 a.m. on Wednesday, police received the information only at night. The same night, they visited the plaintiff in the hospital and registered his statement, after which a case was registered.

On Thursday, around 11 am, they arrested Pradeep and simultaneously arranged to register the plaintiff's affidavit by a local magistrate in accordance with the provisions of section 164 of CrPC due to the seriousness of the case, since the defendant was A local fault leader. party. They also moved Pradeep to a secret place anticipating the protests of his party workers.

The inspector also said that during the investigation it was revealed that Pradeep had allegedly also committed similar behaviors to other people in the past, but that no one dared to formally register his complaint.