There are no pre-planned strategies that work inside the house, says Bigg Boss winner Malayalam Sabumon Abdusamad

TV host Sabumon rose to glory with great boss Malayalam Season 1. It became a household name in a short time since the launch of the program.

Before the launch of the second season, Sabu, in an exclusive conversation with, told his big boss trip and shared his advice for the next contestants.

" big boss journey was a great experience. It can never be compared to our day to day life. The show has given me some unforgettable memories, insights and great friends," he shared.

Currently, Sabumon is busy with his acting career. Post big boss , Sabu has received many offers from the industry and he was seen a part of some critically acclaimed movies too.

Talking about the new season of the show, Sabumon shared that he is also excited to know the contestants of the upcoming season. Sharing his suggestion for the upcoming contestants, No pre-planned strategies or game plans will work for you. Don't play the game with the intention to win the show. Enter with a clear mind to explore a new atmosphere. Be ready to live and understand some strangers, Sabu said.

Sabumon further opined that his friend and filmmaker Deepu Karunakaran It can be a good contestant too.