Rajasthan Minister Bhanwar Lal Meghwal seeks the law on population control, the fourth in the cabinet to do so

JAIPUR: The Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment of Rajasthan on Thursday expressed concern about the country and emphasized the need to present a law on population control that says: The new slogan of the government should be 'hum do, humare ek' ( a family, a child) instead of hum, humare do (a family, two children).

Earlier, on December 31, three Gehlot government ministers, including health minister Raghu Sharma, transport minister and state minister (MoS), information and public relations, Subhash Garg, had collectively defended that a law on Population control was the need of the hour. They also highlighted the need to give birth to a child, instead of two.

Meghwal said this while addressing journalists on Thursday after the 'Jan Sunvai' held at the Pradesh Congress office in Jaipur. I believe that the government of India should enact a law on population control that forces parents not to give birth to more than one child, be it a girl or a boy. There should be no discrimination between a boy and a girl. Therefore, instead of Hum do, smoke, the slogan should be Hum do, smoke ek. China is the only state that has been able to take difficult measures to control the rapid population growth in its country.

Poor people were so terrified of the mistakes made by officials in implementing Sanjay Gandhi's idea of ‚Äč‚Äčsterilization for population control that led to the defeat of our government in the 1977 general elections. But no law should be enacted. to intimidate the people of the country, he added.

He also said that both the ministers and the secretaries in charge of the districts should visit the districts together. The chief secretary () issued an order so that the ministers and secretaries in charge of the districts should visit them together. District officials become more alert and active when ministers visit the districts, Meghwal said.