Kasautii Zindagii Kay Update, January 2: Prerna accepts Anurag's proposal to marry Viraj

In the last episode of Kasautii Zindagii Kay , Anurag He says Veena who has known Viraj and he belongs to a good family. Anurag adds he is well-settled and loves children.

He also mentions how Viraj took care of Prerna In the office.

We see in flashback that Anurag visits Viraj’s house and talks to his family about Prerna. Anurag shows Prerna’s picture to Viraj and he shares that he has already met her.

Viraj accepts Anurag’s proposal and agrees to marry Prerna.

We see in present, Prerna goes away to her room when Anurag asks her about her answer. Veena talks to Prerna and says that Anurag is doing the right thing and she must consider Anurag's proposal.

Prerna says she was happy because she thought Anurag wanted to marry her. Veena gets angry at Prerna.

He asks Mahesh who is Prerna ’s husband but Mahesh does not say anything. Anurag He says Suman that he thinks Prerna ’s husband was his friend but he does not remember anything.

Veena starts to feel uneasy and refuses to take her medicine. Prerna comes under pressure and He says Anurag she is ready to marry Viraj .

Anurag is happy and he says that she will be happy with Viraj.

Anurag says that he will come with Viraj the next day and also get Komolika with him, because it was her idea.

Komolika He says Mohini that she suggested Viraj to Anurag .