Yuvraj Singh considers Australia's forest fire tragic, says it's time to take action against climate change

NEW DELHI: the former multi-faceted winner of the India World Cup Yuvraj Singh on Thursday he described the fury Forest fire in Australia as tragic, and said it is time for action against the serious problem of climate change.

Australia is facing one of its most devastating Forest fire crisis which has already left at least 18 people dead.

In the context of this critical situation, Australia is prepared to receive New Zealand in the third Test in the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) as of Friday.

After the opening of Australia David Warner , who shared a photo of a person with a dog watching the devastating forest fire, and paid tribute to firefighters and volunteers, Yuvraj turned to Twitter to express his sympathy for those affected by the tragedy.

Australia has burned more than 12 million acres this season, they aren't even halfway up fire season . Tragic news on # Forest fire sAustralia 480 million animals have been lost. This is culmination of climate change it's time v take some action. Prayers for all affected," Yuvraj wrote on his twitter handle with a series of pictures of the tragedy.

Concerned about the situation, cricketers from Australia and New Zealand have decided to wear black bracelets on the opening day of the third Test on Friday as a sign of respect for firefighters trying to put out the flames.

Cricket Australia has already announced that the next ODI series in March against New Zealand will be used to raise money that will go to the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund for the rehabilitation of those affected.