Police induce college girls, computer clerks as special officers in Bhubaneswar

BHUBANESWAR: On Thursday, the commissioned police appointed some girls from different universities and women workers from IT companies as special police officers (SPO) to verify the crime against women in those places. SPO women have also been conferred with certain police powers to accept complaints and facilitate the arrest of the accused.

In the first phase, a total of 246 SPOs from 30 institutions were registered, including several universities and IT firms. Each institution has SPO between one and ten. The tenure of each SPO is three months and can be extended further. The police have planned to cover so many universities, IT firms and corporate companies here under the SPO initiative. Police said the SPO's work is voluntary and non-remunerative in nature.

“We have launched the initiative under the motto of Women's Empowerment for Gender Sensitive Policy (WE-GSP). Our basic purpose is to guarantee the safety of women in educational institutions and private companies. Many crimes in those places may not have been reported due to several reasons. OPPs will function like our eyes and ears in those places. They are our representatives in schools and private companies. We have given them registration letters, identity cards and T-shirts with the SPO logo, ”said police commissioner Sudhanshu Sarangi. While the khaki color is the identity of the police personnel, the specially designed shirt will be the OPP uniform. Police said any college or working girl can take on the role of SPO. Previously, the police had written letters to the heads of different colleges and companies to nominate so many representatives, who will serve as OPP.

The OPPs have been asked to take measures to prevent harassment and teasing of students and working women. “Many harassed victims hesitate to approach the police directly for help. Now they have their friends as SPO, who can accept their complaints and inform us. The SPOs would immediately alert the police about the movement of antisocial elements and teasers on their campuses or abroad, ”said Sarangi.

Police said road teasers and Roma would be asked to appear with their parents in the police commissioner's court. “We will seek an explanation of the pranksters and their parents. If your explanation is not satisfactory, we will issue a red card to those suspects and prohibit them from entering the university area or company for a year. If they continue to harass the girls, the OPPs have the power to arrest them, ”said Sarangi.

DGP Abhay, who revealed the SPO shirt in the presence of some Ollywood actors, said a call center was planned to address issues related to crime against women in Bhubaneswar. We are going to take a series of other police-friendly measures for women, Abhay said.

The participation of students in police activities has been the backdrop for the enrollment of voluntary traffic students in the regulation of traffic in the city in January 2017. “We welcome the women-friendly initiative. This will not only help us monitor antisocials on our campus, but it will also improve our leadership skills, ”said Sushree Sangita, SPO of a private university.

Significantly, the commissioned police currently have retired police personnel, which are also called SPO. The police have hired them for a contract to operate vans in the police control room (PCR) and help staff at police stations. In 2010-11, the commissioned police launched an SPO initiative where citizens of different locations registered as SPO to help local police prevent crime.