The Interior Ministry merges the internal security divisions into a

NEW DELHI: The Ministry of Interior of the Union has merged its internal security division I, which dealt with matters related to security authorizations, community harmony and judicial cases related to Ayodhya, with the internal security division II, which dealt with mutual legal assistance agreements, extradition requests and matters of the National Security Law - as part of an exercise to reorganize its divisions. The merged division will be called the internal security division, the ministry said in an office order issued on December 31, 2019.

It is important to note that all files related to matters and related court rulings will now be presented by the undersecretary in charge of national integration, an issue of the internal security division-I, to additional secretary (Jammu,&affairs) to through joint secretary (JKL). “This is for pure administrative ease. The joint secretary of the merged internal security division, Punya Salila Srivastava, has too many issues to handle after the reorganization, apart from the women's security division he is also in charge of, ”said an Interior Ministry official , and added that national integration The wing would continue to be part of the internal security division as before.

The assignment of a separate charge for Ayodhya affairs to AS (JKL) occurs even when the home ministry is working on the contours of the trust it needs to establish for February, as ordered by the Supreme Court, for the construction of the Ram temple on the site of Ayodhya. . In addition, an alternative terrain to identify needs. This would mean a considerable amount of work in the next few days, an official said pointing out the possible reason why the interior ministry decided not to charge the joint secretary (internal security) with matters related to Ayodhya.

According to the order of the office issued by the ministry with respect to the aforementioned reorganization of the divisions and the assignment of work at the level of joint secretary, all the files/documents of the additional secretary in charge of police modernization will be sent to through the secretary (border management)