Director Todd Phillips is open to making a sequel to Joker

Hollywood movie jester It has been appreciated all over the world. The numbers he registered at the worldwide box office are a testament to that. the movie was not only loved by the audience & the critics, but it was also screened at many renowned movie festivals. It also sparked off many debates on social media with some finding the movie ’s content a bit too violent. However, director Todd Phillips & Joaquin Phoenix won praise for their work in the movie from all quarters. There has been buzz about a possible continuation to the blockbuster. And as per recent interviews, the director has said that he is open to directing the continuation to the movie .

However, the director also revealed that he has not yet decided which way to go ahead with the continuation . In the movie , Joaquin Phoenix played the troubled character of Arthur Fleck, who goes on to become the jester . It’s the jester , who later goes on to be Batman's enemy. The R-Rated movie managed to cross the collections of Deadpool at the global box office. Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds recently confirmed that the third movie of the franchise is in the works. But, it looks like jester fans may have to wait longer for an announcement of the continuation of the movie .