Parthiv Patel's advice to Rishabh Pant: Stay away from opinions, focus on the game

KOLKATA: veteran wicketkeeper batter Parthiv Patel on Thursday he advised young Rishabh pants Ignore criticism and focus on your game, saying dealing with this constant pressure can help you emerge as a better hitter.

Seen as apparent heir to Mahendra Singh Dhoni Pant, 22, has received criticism for his inability to consistently perform at the highest level.

Pant had an ordinary exit behind the wickets in the recently concluded series against Bangladesh and the West Indies.

The youth of today have the advantage of playing with the great players and sharing the costumes with them. But when you fight for form, you get opinions from all sectors. It's about staying away from opinions and concentrating on your game. Patel said.

If you play for India, there would be pressure. Each player has pressure from different situations. Your skills are perfected in such pressure situations.

In the T20 series (against WI) he did well. You see that he is also having fun on the ground. You can become a good player when you get out of those pressure situations, said the Gujarat captain on the eve of his Ranji Trophy match against Bengal.

On Pant's wicket maintenance technique, Patel, 34, said: Obviously, when you play for India, you have something in you. He made his test debut in a difficult place like England, where the ball sways a lot. He is a young player. It's about gaining trust. You can change in a matter of one or two entries.

Having made his debut in the test at age 17, the youngest to put on gloves to store wicket, Patel has seen it all: the rise of Dhoni and the unwavering support of the team management for Pant.

Opinions shouldn't matter when you know that team management and selectors support you. It's about enjoying the moment and expressing yourself, he said.

It's just because he's doing well, there's a lot of talk about him. He did well in the last series. He has the talent and the team is giving him that confidence to do much better, added Patel, a 25-year veteran. and 38 ODI added.

However, when the conversation turned to the best wicketkeeper in India in the test format, Patel made it clear that he is none other than the Bengal professional Wriddhiman Saha .

No doubt about that. The way he takes the catch and brings the energy in the field, there is no doubt that he is the No. 1 wicketkeeper in the world. The way he deals with his business. Probably the best wicketkeeper in the world. He knows what's good for him, Patel signed.