Kanchan plays an important character in the directorial debut of Manashi Sinha

Kanchan Mullick He has decided to make a major change in his life in 2020. “In recent years, I developed this bad habit of chewing tobacco. And that's why my friends and family have been behind my life! They wanted me to quit, but somehow I just couldn't do it. But on December 31, I decided no more! I know how dangerous it is for my health and I'm leaving the habit forever, said the actor. When asked how he spent his New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, he said: “We had an adda in the common room of our department, where They had all come. Fried rice and chicken were on the menu and the addition continued late, the actor said, adding that on January 1 he was at home with family and friends.

Kanchan will be working with Raj Chakraborty for Habji Gabji después de Yuddha El jueves tuvimos el muharat de la película. Interpreto un cameo en la película, pero es importante for la historia ”, dijo Kanchan, y agregó que la película gira en torno a un hijo de una pareja trabajadora y cómo lidia con la soledad después de regresar de la escuela.

The actor is also playing an important role in the actress. Manashi Sinha Debut as a director, which is a family drama. But the actor refused to disclose details about the project.

Kanchan is also part of Abhijit Sen It is tonic. He is an interesting character of a person who makes fake certificates, said the actor, who is part of the three-stage projects at the moment.