Darbar's song with Annamalai BGM leaks online

Just a few days before its release, a Superstar song Rajinikanth 's Darbar that has not appeared in your soundtrack has leaked online. Titled Kannula Thimiru, the song has allegedly been sung by three trans women, Chandramukhi, Rachana and Priya Murthi of Spicy Girls.

One source says: The song was performed in the audio release feature last month, but it was not included in the album due to copyright issues. Anirudh , who has composed music for the film, has collaborated with Deva For this song, the highlight is the inclusion of a stylized Annamalai BGM While the company that owns the copyright of the song has raised a dispute, the song was leaked online. However, the production company of Darbar has removed it now from YouTube. ”

Since the song was leaked, fans have asked the creators to officially publish it.