The automotive industry has yet to present a study to Niti Aayog on the EV transition

NEW DELHI: The automobile industry has not yet submitted its report on the roadmap for the complete transition of two- and three-wheelers. electric vehicles , according to a senior government official.

At a meeting with industry representatives in June last year, Niti Aayog had asked the industry to return within two weeks with concrete steps towards the transition, but the manufacturers stated that they would need a minimum of four months to work in the same.

Hero MotoCorp, Auto Baja , TVS Motor Co, and Sling Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) have opposed the Niti Aayog's plan to push for 100 per cent electric vehicles by completely banning conventional two- and three-wheelers.

El presidente de Tata Sons, N Chandrasekaran, también declaró que la migración a los electric vehicles debe planificarse para garantizar que todo el ecosistema esté listo a través de una hoja de ruta de varios años.

"At the meeting in June, for concrete steps towards the transition to electric vehicles , the auto industry had said that they will get a study done by an external agency and the recommendations will be shared with the government in four months.

But, so far, they have not submitted their recommendations to Niti Aayog, the official told PTI.

La industria automotriz se ha opuesto a la propuesta del Niti Aayog de impulsar la conversión completa a electric vehicles para vehículos de tres ruedas ICE para 2023 y vehículos de dos ruedas de 150cc y menos para 2025, diciendo que una transición era completamente innecesaria y podría poner en peligro a la industria.

In an interview with a business newspaper last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had claimed that India has a large market and a political space large enough to guarantee the growth of vehicles with internal combustion engines and electric vehicles, and there is no need to speculate on the growth of either.