After a great drama, Rajasekhar resigns as executive vice president of MAA

This morning (January 2), the Association of film artists (MAA) has organized an event in an elegant hotel to launch the edition of the New Year's Diary. The stage was occupied by a series of legendary personalities like T Subbarami Reddy, Chiranjeevi Krishnam Raju Mohan Babu and other members of the association. After Chiru's speech, Rajasekhar interrupted the proceedings to take the stage and speak about his ongoing tussle with Senior Naresh, the current president of the MAA. The 57-year-old actor also blamed the association for losing out on films and personal losses incurred by him. Though Mohan Babu and Jayasudha tried to stop, their efforts went in vain.

As soon as Rajasekhar left the stage, Chiranjeevi condemned the former’s speech and opined that a strong disciplinary action should be taken against Rajasekhar. After this high-tension drama, the Garuda Vega actor has reportedly resigned from his post of executive vice president from MAA with immediate effect. His resignation letter is doing the rounds on social media.

Ever since the MAA elections in March 2019, there has been a major fallout between Naresh and Rajasekhar. It’s already clear that the association is divided into two groups.