Agga Bai Sasubai Update, December 1: Abhijit and Asawari will get married

In the recent episode of Agga Bai Sasubai , Soham Invite Madan Kaka to Asawari and the Kamalakar engagement ceremony. But Aajoba does not allow him to invite Madan.

Later, Kamalakar calls Asawari and shouts at her for not picking up the phone.

Later, Aajoba asks Soham to book a venue for the engagement ceremony. Shubhra tries to help Aajoba understand that he is taking a wrong decision for Asawari. But stubborn Aajoba gives ten thousand rupees to Shubhra to buy sarees for Asawari’s engagement ceremony.

Kamalakar goes to the saree shop with Asawari and forces her to buy a saree of her choice. Kamalakar selects a saree for Asawari. But Shubhra argues with him and asks him to stay in his car while she is shopping with Asawari.

On the other hand, Aajoba called Abhijit to home and gives him a catering order for the engagement ceremony. Aajoba also convinces Abhijit to make a special dish for Asawari and Kamalakar. Abhijit happily finalizes the food order.

Shubhra calls Abhijit and makes a plan to confuse Kamalakar. At the same time, Shubhra requests Abhijit to send Maddy to the saree shop to confuse Kamalakar. Abhijit goes to Abhi’s kitchen and asks Maddy to behave and dress like Asawari so that no one can recognize her as Maddy.

Maddy goes to the saree shop and meets Shubhra. Shubhra explains Maddy that Asawari needs to meet Abhijit but Kamalakar is waiting outside for her (Asawari). Shubhra gives a saree to Maddy and asks her to wear it like Asawari does.