I am not meeting the standards I need: Jos Buttler

CAPE TOWN: England goalkeeper batter Jos Buttler has admitted that it is not working at the level where it should be Cricket test and is working on improvement and a positive approach.

I feel that I am not meeting the standards I need, Buttler said according to ICC before the New Year Test against South Africa.

I'm trying to improve that and affect the games in a positive way for England, he added.

Buttler has so far played in 38 Tests in which he has scored 2,046 runs with an average of 33. In 2019, he played 11 Tests, scoring 502 runs in 25.10 and crossed fifty only three times.

"Since I've come back into Cricket test I've tried to trust my defense for longer periods of time," Buttler said.

I've been able to do that sometimes. But (playing my natural game) is certainly something I am trying to solve. You can do a lot of work on the networks but I spend a lot of time thinking about the game when I'm in my room or trying to visualize things or solve them in my head. In the future I have to play the situation, but I will try to be a little more positive, he added.

Buttler said he's looking at the South African goalkeeper hitter Kock Quinton in search of inspiration after the latter made a 95 and 34 of 37 balls in the opening test against England in Centurion, which the hosts won by 107 races.

Quinton played a very good blow and pressed the bowlers again, Buttler said. He tried to take the initiative, and seeing that from behind the stumps, he resonated with me.

When you are hitting the tail, you try to summarize situations and calculate the best you can score. You work your risk management: what is too much risk; What is trying to boost the game. Looking forward to In this test, I want to look a little busier and try to see a little more on the positive side.

The second test starts from Friday in Newlands.