Transplant surgeon gives heart to Pune patients.

PUNE: Availability Of Sophisticated Tests And Monitoring Of Transplanted Hearts Have Substantially Increased The Long-term Survival Rate Of Organ Receptors In The Country, Heart Transplant Surgeon K K Balakrishnan Told TOI In An Exclusive Interview On Wednesday.

" A Better Evaluation Of Compatibility Through Virtual Cross Comparison And Improved Monitoring Of Transplanted Hearts With Techniques Such As Molecular Microscopy Have Substantially Increased The Survival Rate Of Patients After Heart Transplants," Balakrishnan Said.

He Has Performed Around 320 Heart Transplants, Mainly At The Fortis Hospital In Chennai, And Some In Calcutta, Bangalore And Pune. I Was In The City To Talk About The Latest Developments In Heart Transplant Surgery And Prepare Your Plan For Western India In Partnership With The Ruby Hall Clinic.

Balakrishnan Said That Improved Organ Preservation Technologies Have Also Increased The (ischemic) Time Of Heart Transplantation In The Receiver Up To Seven Hours After The Four Existing Hours. The Ischemic Period Is The Time During Which The Supply Of Blood To An Organ Is Less Than What Is Needed. Any Effective Transplantation Depends On The Ischemic Period Of The Organ Gathered, The Standard And Expected Time Of Which Varies From Organ To Organ. In The Case Of The Heart, It Is Between Four And Five Hours.

" A Better Method Of Preserving The Heart Is Allowing A Longer Ischemic Time." Now, Successful Transplants Are Common With The Time Of Ischemia Approaching Seven Hours, Which Can Make A Big Difference, Since It Allows Obtaining Organs From Donors From More Distant Places," Said Balakrishnan.

When Asked How He Intended To Do His Work In Pune In Conjunction With The Ruby Hall Clinic, Balakrishnan Said:" First, Very Ill Patients With Terminal Illnesses Will Not Have To Travel To Other Cities And States As I Have Decided. Visit Ruby Hall Twice A Month For Consultations And Procedures We Want To Start Performing Lung, Heart-lung Transplants And Pediatric Heart Transplant In Ruby Hall" .

Ruby Hall Clinic Has Performed 23 Heart Transplants In Pune Since April 2017.

" I Believe That, With This Partnership, It Is Now Possible To Treat A More Defiant And Difficult Subset Of Patients." Ruby Hall Will Soon Be Among The Top Five Heart Transplant Centers In India," He Said.

On Pune's Potential, Balakrishnan Said:" This Is A Very Modern City With Equal Facilities To The Country's Best And Donor Bodies Are Available Here." This City Can Easily Become An Important Transplant Center For The Entire Western Region And Even For The Country."

Chief Cardiologist Purvez Grant, Administrative Administrator Of The Ruby Hall Clinic, Said:" Our Technologically Advanced Dedicated Unit And The Presence Of Balakrishnan Will Deliver Renewed Hope To More Patients Suffering Terminal Heart Disease, Where The Heart Transplant Is The Only Survival Medium" .