Deepika Padukone doesn't see 'Chhapaak' as a risky movie

When Deepika Padukone unveiled her appearance in 'Chhapaak', based on the life of an acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal , people saw the decision of the beautiful actress to make the film as 'brave', 'brave' and 'life-altering'. Deepika, who also became a producer with Meghna Gulzar As director, she said she didn't think about her appearance and how people would react to her different appearance.

In addition to his talent, the public and his fans have been amazed by his beautiful face. When asked if he saw 'Chhapaak' in which he plays a survivor of an acid attack, like a risky film since it looks different, Deepika told the media agency: No, it is not something that has happened to me for the mind ... my appearance, the form I will look. In fact, that is exactly what we want to challenge through this movie. That we all have very definite ideas, notions of what beauty is and we really want to challenge that and expand that perspective.

I never really thought about what people are going to think or say because they were going to see me differently from the way people had seen me before on the screen, he said.

The project is certainly very close to his heart and it didn't take him long to say 'yes'.

Meghna came to me with the script and I was immediately attracted to Meghna's honesty, Laxmi's story and her journey. I felt that I was very powerful and felt that as an actor, I definitely wanted to be part of the movie. Even as a person, I felt that there is a really strong narrative in Laxmi's life, and I wanted the world to see him, he said.

It was in 2005 when Laxmi, who was 16 at the time, was attacked by a 32-year-old man who threw acid at her because she had rejected his proposal. He didn't let the incident take her down.

Laxmi went on to work as a director of a non-profit organization and also partnered with the Stop Acid Attacks campaign.

Deepika was so impressed by Laxmi's story, among other things, that she decided to join the film as a producer as well.

We finished the narration and I said yes to the movie. I said, 'Wait a second, should we produce this movie too?' Meghna was open to the idea. She and I went aboard as producers and then went to the studios, he said.

The narrative of the film is based on Laxmi, but Deepika says it is not a biographical film.

It also sheds light on acid violence in our country, he said.

The film team has women who make the decisions. How was working on a movie full of powerful women?

Gender has never figured in my scheme of things. I'm not doing 'Chhapaak' because it's from a director. I'm doing it because I really have faith in Meghna, he said.

'Chhapaak' will be released on January 10.