Have you ever seen a sheep with a bra?

A strange image of a sheep with a bra is fashionable on social media platforms. The photos were published by Franklin Vets Lifestyle Farms subtitled: 'Sheep in bra! This photo is not staged.

Have a look!


Franklin Vets Lifestyle Farm made a publication and wrote:

Sheep in a bra! This photo is not represented ...

Rose was pregnant with triplets, and the weight of her udder damaged the suspensory ligaments that hang the heavy organ of her body. When this happens, the udder can hang so low that it can be traumatized on the ground and, unless the situation can be corrected, is a cause of euthanasia.

Fortunately, for Rose, their owners have no expectations that it will reproduce again. Rose was about to give birth, so we came up with a plan ...

Actually, you can wear a large double D maternity bra to hold the udder and give it comfort while we fix it. Rose was induced and gave birth to 3 beautiful lambs. For the welfare of Roses, their lambs are raised in bottles so that Rose can dry. The hope is that your udder will be a small and comfortable size again, and that you can keep up with hormonal contraception throughout the natural breeding season.

If it remains large and uncomfortable, however, surgery to remove the udder may be the only option.

Let's cross our fingers for Rose! But for now, her bra is working very well, and she is comfortable and happy 😊

For this post, people post encouraging and positive comments and the thinking behind the act is so beautiful that it definitely needs attention.