Exposure to international tournaments has helped young boxers grow in India: Qamar

New Delhi, January 2 () Indian female boxing coach Mohammed Ali Qamar feels that exposure to international tournaments has helped young boxers grow as athletes and has contributed to the rise of Indian boxing in recent years.

Now, young boxers are exposed to international tournaments and are performing well in tournaments. Therefore, many boxers have risen in India in recent years due to the exhibition, said Qamar, first gold medalist of the Commonwealth Games of India in boxing. .

Qamar said the Indian boxing administration expects more boxers to reserve their places at the Tokyo Games.

We expect many Indian boxers to reserve their places at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. We have had a good performance at the World and Asian Championships, so we expect a good performance at the Olympic Games this year, Qamar said.

The third edition of Khelo India Youth Games will take place from January 10 to 22 in Guwahati.

When asked about the Khelo Indian Youth Games, Qamar said the competition is a great platform for future athletes.

The Khelo India Youth Games are a great platform. All athletes, who are under-21 and have not played in nationals, have the opportunity to show their skills in the Khelo India Youth Games. If they perform well in this competition, then have the opportunity to play in the senior circuit, the former boxer said.

Explaining what a potential boxer looks like in India, Qamar said management analyzes how a young boxer approaches a high-level player in competitions such as nationals. We observe how young athletes face older players in a tournament like nationals. We see the margin of the scoreboard and how the young player approached the fight against an older boxer. If a young player can face an older boxer well then we realize that the young player has potential, Qamar signed. ATK ATK