A marathi book that reveals the journey of Greta Thunberg to be presented

A marathi book that reveals the history of the 16 - year - old Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg It was recently published in the S. M. Joshi Auditorium in Navi Peth.

The book titled as Gretachi Hak- Tumhala Aiku Yetey Na (Greta is calling you - Can you hear?) It's written by Atul Deulgaonkar , environmental activist and independent journalist and is published by Manovikas Prakashan. The book was presented at the hands of the renowned writer Veena Gavankar in the presence of the famous actor Atul Kulkarni.

The book not only follows Greta's journey, but also paints an image of the magnitude of global environmental problems. From climate change and distressing climate cycles to the massive problem of man-made pollution, this book tries to find solutions from an individual globally, reported Arvind Patkar, Director, Manovikas.