The Kerala government will pressure the center to frame the expatriate law

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The government said Thursday that it would press the Center to frame the necessary legislation to ensure the well-being of expatriates.

Opening a conference as part of the second Loka Kerala Sabha (LKS), a platform of non-resident keralites from 47 countries and 21 states, the prime minister said his government will address the issue of legislation with the Center.

Attacking the NDA government led by BJP, Vijayan said there is no national policy or legislation for expatriate welfare despite the challenges and exploitation they face and added that insensitivity to the NRI community is rather unfortunate.

Despite its limitations, the Kerala government had taken many initiatives in this regard, said the Center does not have a system to support or provide information to those who wish to migrate to other countries, or to guarantee their safety, while the state government has Started a pre-game training.

The LDF government has also started skills development courses to meet the needs of professionals in foreign countries.

Vijayan said it was unfortunate that the Union government did not match embassies to intervene efficiently and put an end to the exploitation of expatriate employees abroad.

With the formation of the pravasi legal cell, the state was trying to provide maximum help to the NRKs, he said.

Noting that there was no national policy to guarantee the rehabilitation of returnees, he said that the state government had also taken steps in this regard by strengthening the activities of NORKA (Non-resident Keralite Affairs) and the pravasi welfare board.

Vijayan also suggested that a consortium be formed jointly with expatriates, the state government and the center, and that it would notify the Union government.

Although the center is planning a new emigration policy, there is no indication that it would consider issues such as exploitation by intermediaries and the discriminatory approach in the verification of expatriate migration documents based on educational qualification, he said.

Sabha should also actively participate in migration-related policy formulation platforms, he said.

The migration of Malayales within the country was reduced to 5.25 lakh from seven lakh in three years, Vijayan said, adding that the government with its limitations was doing everything possible to ensure the safety of those migrants also with constant communication with the respective governments state.

Expats have recently invested in major projects such as airports, multi-specialty hospitals and convention centers in the state.

The recently registered pravasi investment company, pravasi chitti and dividend bonds also offer safe investment options, he said.

The state government has also effectively initiated talks with the Sultan Vijayan said he helped release 149 expats from jail.

The President of the Assembly of Kerala P Sreeramakrishnan presided over the function.

The UDF opposition led by Congress boycotted the meeting.

The Minister of State of the Union for Foreign Affairs, V Muraleedharan, who was the main guest, also stayed away.