Sunny Leone: I live in a bubble

Actress Sunny He feels he lives in a bubble and said he would like to believe that all the dialogue about women's empowerment and #MeToo movement It has changed people's mentality.

After causing a great impact in the West, the #MeToo wave spread Bollywood last year. It was activated when the actress Tanushree Dutta He accused veteran actor Nana Patekar of sexually harassing her in 2008, on the sets of the movie ' Horn 'Ok' Pleassss '.

Gradually, many more similar allegations emerged in the world of Bollywood, with women naming and shaming predators.

Asked to comment on the change that has come with the #MeToo movement , Sunny told media agency: "I don't work in an office. I live in a bubble but I do think and I do believe that the more women talk about these issues of sexual harassment or (instances of people) making them feel uncomfortable at work, whether it is women or men... I have to say that it does happen to men as well. It is just not recognised because 'he is guy what is the big deal'."

If someone bothers them in the workspace or elsewhere, the more they talk, the more they realize that no, it's not right ... I think so, things will change.

Especially when so many things have come out through social networks, the media that I have to assume that people think twice that 'ohh, I'm being videotaped or will have a moment (in the future)'. I'm sure it makes (such) people feel uncomfortable, he added.