Gerard Butler visits the sacred city of Varanasi

'P.S. Actor I Love You Gerard Butler , who is currently on vacation in India, visited the sacred city of Varanasi. The actor did everything tourist during his three-day stay in the city. He explored the ghats and also visited an ashram and a yoga retreat center.

Avinav Peshwani, hotelier and member of the Aghor Foundation, whose ashram visited Gerard, shares: “I met Gerard in the ashram of the Foundation in Samne Ghat and also later in Dashashwamedh Ghat , where he shared his experience about India and Varanasi, which he also visited 10 years ago. He told me that India is his favorite destination and that Varanasi is among his most beloved places. The Ganga aarti, which he had witnessed in his previous stay, has been the most magical and mystical experience of his life.

“Remembering even more his previous visit, Gerard told me he was on a spiritual level after his visit to Varanasi. He had meditated on the ghats and had also made a private bid, Avinav says, adding: The actor also loved the hustle and bustle of the city, which he described as a beautiful order in the chaos. During his current visit, Gerard spent a lot of time with the children of the ashram. He was also very interested in knowing about Varanasi and its spiritual significance.