Archery Mess: Separate Election Call for AAI Rival Camps

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court's Decision To Hold New Elections For The Indian Archery Association (AAI) Has Divided The Federation In Two Fields, With The AAI Officials Who Interpret The Court's Judgment According To Their Convenience.

In A Fresh Development, AAI 's Acting President Sunil Sharma Who Owes The Ex Loyalty Archery Association President Vijay Kumar Malhotra, You Have Called For Elections On May 26 At The Indian Olympic Association's (IOA) Headquarters Here. Similarly, The Other Camp Led By AAI 's General Secretary, Maha Singh , You Have Called For A Meeting Of The Member State Associations On May 10 In Chandigarh To Discuss The Election Modalities.

The two separate election calls have added more drama and confusion to the already messed-up Archery federation, which has been directed to conduct its elections within four weeks from the date of the SC’s judgment pronounced on May 1. The court has set aside the outcome of the December 22, 2018, AAI Elections , Making The Entire Process Null And Void.

According To Sharma's Election Notification, The Article 24 Of The AAI Constitution Allows Him To Call For Elections As The Acting President Of The Association, Being The Senior Vice-president Of The AAI.

However, Maha Singh Has Objected To It, Calling The Notification" Blatantly Illegal" . You Have Written To The State Associations, Informing That In Accordance With The Court Order, The Elected Body In Office Would Continue To Function As 'committee Of Administrators'.

" It Means The AAI 's Executive Committee Will Become The Committee Of Administrators And Will Conduct The Elections." According To The Constitution, It Is The Secretary Of The Association Who Issues The Notice For Elections On The Request Of The President. Sunil Sharma Is Illegal," He Said.