Chiranjeevi and Dr. Rajasekhar enter a war of words at the launch of the newspaper MAA

Key players from the Association of Movie Artists (MAA) met today to launch their new newspaper for the year 2020.

The event saw unconditional as Chiranjeevi, Mohan Babu , Krishnam Raju and even T Subbarami Reddy on the stage. Chiranjeevi delivered a passionate speech not only about the origins of MAA but also about how the newspaper came about. He also compared it with the Tamil association Nadigar Sangam and said that it is necessary for the association to grow in a sustainable way instead of aggressive conduct.

During the speech, calling the members of MAA as a family, he said: MAA gurinchi manchi unte mike lo chepudamu, chedu unte chevilo cheppukundam. if we have problems) referring to the fights that keep happening between them. He also hinted at how problems never arose during his reign, but began only later.

The comment seemed to have touched Dr. Rajasekhar the wrong way because taking the mike from Krishnam Raju, he immediately began touching the feet of everyone on-stage, including Mohan Babu and Chiranjeevi. The actors looked visibly upset at his behavior as he said, “I have a lot of issues at home due to MAA. I have not worked since March and on top of that, at my home, my wife has invested most of her time in the association work. Chiranjeevi garu gave a brilliant speech but you cannot hide the smoke after setting fire to things. ”

He even blamed the MAA association for his accident in November, adding, “Every family has issues within them but to not reveal them to others, we’re only ignoring the problem at hand. We all act like heroes on-screen but if someone within the association does good work, they trample it down. ”Mohan Babu immediately tried to give him an earful but he persevered,“ The MAA is divided now, ”he said, even as Jayasudha tried to take the mike from him. “I want to tell the truth because I’m tired of these lies. We're not all kids. Anything should be told transparently, ”he said, handing off the mike to Chiranjeevi and leaving the stage.

Chiranjeevi felt hurt that Rajasekhar did not heed his words and washed the dirty linen in public. “I am sorry and hurt he did this,” he thundered, adding, “He behaved so aggressive ly. I am only reacting because I cannot let this go. Let’s talk about something constructive instead of fighting like this. You should not even come if you don’t like it.” Rajasekhar walked back at that and said, “You should’ve told the truth before calling me here. I came on my own interest but the truth was hidden from me,” referring to something unrevealed. Chiranjeevi called it ‘well planned’ before wrapping it up.

Jeevitha, Rajasekhar 's wife later tried to salvage the situation, taking to the stage and stating, You have all right to comment on our films but not on our personal lives. I apologize for the inconvenience created here today, we have nothing but respect in our heart for you. She even went to the extent of calling Mohan Babu, Chiranjeevi and Krishnam Raju the 'gods of Tollywood'. Even as Chiranjeevi and Mohan Babu tried to get her to pass on the mike, she justified her husband's behavior, All I'm saying is we'll discuss amongst ourselves and work together. No one has cheated anyone here, even as the actors looked at her, clearly angry.

Chiranjeevi however later seemed to have calmed down and praised Jeevitha for being proactive and being an active member of MAA.