Krishnakoli Update, January 1: Tumpa's mother blames Shyama

In the last episode of Krishnakoli , the groom and his family leave the mandap wedding. This leaves everyone shattered, especially Tumpa . She collapses and detests her bad destiny.

She leaves the place and encloses it inside the room. Everyone begs him to open the door. Finally when Shyama and other family members enter the room, they find out Tumpa in a pool of blood. Tumpa has tried to commit suicide. Bijli and her parents panic.

Nikhil question Ashoke to take Tumpa to the hospital.

Tumpa’s mom blames Shyama for her situation. Basanta intervenes and defends Shyama. He tells, Shyama tried to save Tumpa and her intentions were never wrong. Tumpa’s mom apologises to Shyama for her words.

Later, Basanta talks to Shyama, who blames herself for Tumpa’s situation. Basanta talks to her and says that girls still have to face stigma due to their skin color and such thoughts are responsible for Tumpa's situation.

At the hospital, the doctor examines Tumpa. Shyama apologizes to Bijli. She explains that it wasn't Shyama’s fault. They shouldn’t have fixed the wedding hiding about Tumpa’s skin color.nMeanwhile, Rangini provokes Sujata against Shyama. She tells Shyama’s dark complexion is responsible for everything.

In the hospital, the doctor says Tumpa needs to undergo a surgery. He adds that they don’t have the infrastructure to perform the critical operation. Basanta question his son to shift Tumpa to a better hospital in the city.

Rangini, on the other hand, gives Sujata some harmful medications.