You win sometimes, other times you learn: Vijender Singh about boxing, politics and fatherhood

NEW DELHI: He hasn't lost a fight in almost five years and Vijender Singh He is determined to keep the record with a world title to start when he enters the new decade wearing multiple hats, including that of an active politician with strong opinions.

The 34-year-old pioneer boxer, who delivered the first Olympic and men's world championship medals from India in boxing In 2008 and 2009, he recorded an enviable 12-0 record in the professional circuit, which he entered in 2015.

The whole conversation with my promoters focuses on the world title. Overall, I hope to compete in three or four fights this year with the world title as the most important. We are trying to make sure this outstanding fight happens in India, Vijender said in an interview.

Vijender is managed by the Hall of Fame member Bob arum 'Top Rank Promotions in the US UU. and has Infinity Optimal Solution (IOS) Boxing Promotions to handle it in India. He fought for the last time in November 2019, beating the former champion of the Commonwealth of Ghana. Charles Adamu In a crooked fight.

I will continue training with Lee Beard and I will move to Manchester in the next few weeks to begin my training there. While I'm here, I train in a gym in Gurugram, he said.

Beard, who has trained professional stars like Ricky Hatton He has been a Vijender coach since 2015. Under his tutelage, the Haryana-lad won the super middle titles of the WBO Asia Pacific and Eastern Asia.

The only time Vijender proved defeat in the last five years was when he decided to take the political step before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. He lost the elections in southern Delhi while disputing a congressional ticket.

Do you regret the move?

Not a bit. I totally agree and I intend to be an active politician. I have strong opinions on the issues and I like to be vocal. Being a politician gives you a platform to be change, he said.

Kai baar aap seekhte hain, kai baar aap jitate hain (sometimes you learn, sometimes you win). This is how I would describe my decision to join politics. It is a wonderful way to be connected with the realities of life. Why should I regret it just because I lost an election? I ask.

So, does that mean you will campaign during the next elections to the Delhi assembly in February?

I do not know for now. If you ask me to campaign, I will. It depends on the high command of the party. So far, there has been no communication about it, he replied.

The belief that politics and sports do not mix has been replaced by an intense clamor for the opinions of athletes about what they perceive as the hot topics of the present times.

Vijender said there is nothing wrong if people demand their heroes to express their opinion in public.

I think athletes should talk. On a certain level, we are also representatives and our voices are important. It should not be that we are saying things only when we are paid to do so. Rakhne chahiye views, in general (we should present our opinions).

Help the youth of this country to find a voice. For example, I do not understand why we should spend so much time indignant at what Pakistan is doing. We must get away from that and focus on ourselves.

This is how we will progress. That is the way to go, in my opinion, he said.

Speaking of moving forward, the strong six-foot player welcomed his second son in May last year and says he has lost track of time since then.

I don't know when the day starts and when it ends. Right now, I'm also in dad's duty. I am a boxer, father and politician. I hope to be at least decent in all these roles. I laughed.