Agnisakshi Update, January 1: Shourya advises Sannidhi and his family to leave the hospital

In the last episode of Agnisakshi , Dayanand and Shobha hold Sannidhi responsible for Prameela's condition.

While they continue to blame Sannidhi for the attempted murder in Prameela, she attacks them and suspects her role in the incident.

However, they take Prameela to the nearby hospital for medical assistance. Sannidhi, Shourya and Akhil are horrified when the doctor informs him about his critical condition.

In addition, Shourya asks Sannidhi if he knows that Prameela consumes poisoned food. She suspects Sannidhi's role in the incident. Sannidhi defends himself and shares his suspicions about Shobha and Dayanand, since they had tried to kill Prameela before. Akhil supports Sannidhi.

While Sannidhi and the others await the update on Prameela's health, the doctor reports that she has done her best and that she is stable.

Meanwhile, the police find out about the incident through Shobha and begin the investigation.

On the other hand, Akhil upon learning that the police are looking for Sannidhi and his family, suggests that Sannidhi leave the hospital immediately and hide somewhere.

When Sannidhi insists he will stay in the hospital, Shourya joins Akhil to advise him to meet with a lawyer immediately.