Sembaruthi Update, January 1: Parvathy's new avatar shocks Nandhini

In the last episodes of Sembaruthi , Nandhini he is surprised to see Parvathy The reaction of. She reports the incident to Vanaja. Vanaja and Nandhini hatch a new plan to bother Parvathy.

Nandhini plans to send her men to Akhilandeswari It's factory posing as the temporary staff. She wants her men to hamper the workflow so that Parvathy fails to meet the deadline and the deal gets canceled. Nandini starts materializing her plan.

Nandhini’s men disguises themselves as job seekers. They also manage to get appointed as temporary staff in Akhilandeswari’s factory. They start bothering other staff and try to manipulate them too. Parvathy observes this and asks them to work properly.nThe lack of interest shown by temporary staff affects the spirit of other staff too. The permanent staff also start working lazily. Parvathy gets worried seeing the lethargic attitude of her permanent staff. She decides to handle the issue tactfully.n Parvathy declares that, all the work done by the staff are being monitored by the CCTV. Based on the work done by the temporary staff, they shall get increments, promotion and a confirmation as permanent staff too. This leaves the temporary staff happy and they start working swiftly.n Nandhini’s men tells her about Parvathy’s smart moves. Nandhini gets shocked and realises her opponent is quite strong too. Meanwhile, the men sent by Nandhini start hatching another plan to disrupt the workflow.nThe doctor visits Sundaram at the hospital in Chennai. I have examined Sundaram’s health condition and submits his report. Parvathy heaves a sigh of relief learning that Sundaram will be fine soon.