The spokesman of the Brexit of the Labor Party of the United Kingdom, Starmer, advances in the leadership race

LONDON: for the opposition of Great Britain Labor Party , has become the first favorite in the race to succeed Jeremy Corbyn as a leader, according to a member survey.

The party is expected to choose a new leader in March after veteran socialist Corbyn said he would resign after the strong electoral defeat of his party at the hands of the conservatives of Prime Minister Boris Johnson in December.

Starmer has not yet said if he will run for leadership, but is expected to launch a campaign in the coming weeks.

A YouGov poll of party members published in the Guardian newspaper put 61% support for Starmer in a race against Rebecca Long-Bailey, the party's business spokeswoman who has strong ties with the unions and the left wing of the party who backed Corbyn.

The survey supported Long-Bailey by 39%, when respondents had the option to choose between the two.

Starmer was the first option in all regions of the country, however, his support vanished among party members who voted to leave the European Union compared to those who wanted to stay.

The 57-year-old man, representing a constituency in North London, was seen as an instrument to push the party to back a second referendum by leaving the block.

The survey surveyed 1,059 Labor members, but did not include all potential voters in the contest, many of whom are eligible through union membership.