Pijush Ganguly still lives in the memory of Kaushik Ganguly

It would have been his 54 th bir th day if a fatal road accident didn’t take away Pijush Ganguly on October 25 in 2015. The beloved actor, th eatrician, singer and family man was a friend for all seasons. I still lives on in so many cherished memories.

Pijush Ganguly, who had to his credit films like ‘Chaar’, ‘Basanta Utsav’, ‘ Goynar Baksho ’,‘ Abortion ’,‘ Abar Byomkesh ’,‘ Autograph ’,‘ Byomkesh Bakshi ’, ‘ Angshumaner Chhobi ’,‘ Madly Bangalee ’,‘ Iti Srikanta 'Y' Mahulbanir Sereng ’, Among o th ers, used to share a special connection wi th Kaushik Ganguly . The versatile actor was part of the first series of Kaushik Bhalobasha Mondobasha, first TV movie Ami Shey O Anu, last series Chorabali , Apart from his movie Laptop.

kaushik ganguly

“Pijush would never be part of any industry gossip and was all praise for everyone around him. I remember when Churni (Ganguly) and I bought our first non-AC small car and had no one to bring it home from th e showroom, he volunteered to drive it for us. He was a superb driver and it's shocking th at he went away in a road accident. There have been times when he would cook and bring food to our home to have a lunch toge th er. Despite th and countless conversations th at we would keep having, he never mentioned work even in passing. I remember how, during Laptop, he would bring his script wi th lines underlined in different colors. His script was as colorful as he was in real life. When I now write a script, I'll have to say I need someone like Pijush. He has become a reference point, ”said Kaushik Ganguly as he went down th e memory lane.