Lokpal will move from Rs 50 lakh per month rented five-star permanent residence

NEW DELHI: The anti-corruption ombudsman's office will soon move from its Rs 50 lakh per month of rented accommodation in a five star hotel to its own permanent building.

A senior staff ministry official said Lokpal is likely to move from his five-star hotel temporary office at The Ashok Hotel for this month.

The total monthly rent is around Rs 50 lakh and Rs 3,85,09,354 has been paid from March 22, 2019 to October 31, 2019 for rent, said the Indian Lokpal in response to an RTI request submitted by This PTI journalist.

The space in the former ICDAR building (International Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution) has been allocated to the Lokpal office, according to the response when asked for details of the steps being taken to provide a permanent office for the defender of the village.

However, the answer did not give details of the location of the new office.

The Lokpal office will move to its own permanent space in the national capital, an official said.

The Lokpal is a main body to deal with corruption cases at the national level. He has to investigate allegations of corruption against public officials of the central government on a temporary basis.

On March 23, the President administered the oath of office to Justice as president of the Lokpal.

The eight members of the Lokpal received the oath of Judge Ghose on March 27.

Former chief judges of different superior courts, Judges Dilip B Bhosale, Pradip Kumar Mohanty, Abhilasha Kumari and Ajay Kumar Tripathi, swore as judicial members of the Lokpal.

Then, the first female head of the (SSB) Archana Ramasundaram, the former chief secretary of Maharashtra, Dinesh Kumar Jain, the former IRS officer and the former officer of the Gujarat cadre, Indrajeet Prasad Gautam, swore as non-judicial members of the Lokpal .

There is a provision for a president and a maximum of eight members in the Lokpal panel. Of these, four must be judicial members.

The Lokpal Law, which provides for the appointment of a Lokpal in the Center and lokayuktas in the states to investigate corruption cases against certain categories of public servants, was passed in 2013.

The government is also working on finalizing a format to file complaints with the Lokpal.

In accordance with the regulations, a complaint will be filed in the manner prescribed to be notified by the central government.

We have received the necessary contributions from the Ministry of Law. Some discussions are taking place within the ministry and the format will be made public soon, the official said.

The Lokpal has been analyzing all the complaints received by him in whatever form they were sent.

Of the total of 1,065 complaints received until September 30, 2019, 1,000 have been heard and dismissed, according to the latest official data.