Protest against Pak's atrocities against minorities, PM Modi tells anti-CAA protesters

TUMAKURU (K'TAKA): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday criticized Congress and its allies who oppose the Citizens Amendment Act, saying they are against giving relief to those who have been brutalized and victimized in Pakistan.

Pakistan was founded for religious reasons because atrocities against minorities such as Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Christians have increased. But Congress and its allies do not speak against Pakistan, he said in a function here.

He also said that Congress and its allies hold demonstrations and organize demonstrations against efforts to prevent atrocities in religious lines and save women from sexual assault.

Modi wondered why those who opposed were not speaking against the atrocities of Pakistan and asked what prevented them from doing so.

Defending the CAA firmly, he said he was adopted by Parliament in a historic movement, but that Congress and its allies and the ecosystem created by his party's rival were now against the same institution.

He said India cannot leave Hindus, Christians and Sikhs apparently fleeing from Pakistan to their destination and added that it was the country's responsibility to protect them.

Modi said the efforts are especially to protect the Dalits and the tribes in Pakistan.

The Prime Minister also noted that the repeal of Article 370 was a step towards the end of terrorism and uncertainty in Jammu and Kashmir.