Gorintaku Update, January 1: Parthu tries to prove his innocence

In the last episode of Gorintaku , Srivalli and his family is shattered believing that Parthu He is the murderer of Nivedh. Ambika happily shares this with Gayatri adding that she has seen Janaki slapping Parthu on the road. Gayatri informs Ambika that Balu is eagerly waiting for a chance to take revenge on Parthu and Srivalli and he might kill them anytime soon.

Parthu tries to confront Srivalli while she is on the way back home. But she refuses to even see him.

The next morning, Ambika informs her neighbors about Parthu murdering Srivalli’s ex-husband. The neighbors feel that Parthu must have intentionally trapped Srivalli as well.

Parthu with the help of Farhad thinks of ways to prove his innocence. They try talking to Nikhil. He says he too believes that he (Parthu) is innocent but the existing evidences are against him. They try convincing Nikhil into setting up a meeting with Srivalli. Nikhil further refuses to do so adding that Srivalli will never talk to him. Parthu then says only Murthy can listen to them now.

Parthu confronts Janaki and Murthy and argues that he is innocent and Suguna He was wrong Murthy and Janaki reprimand him for harassing them.