Actress Koyel Das harassed by taxi driver on New Year's Eve, the safety of women in question again

In a horrible incident that took place in Calcutta on the night of the celebration of the New Year, the actress Koyel Das He felt helpless after being harassed by an application taxi driver. On Wednesday night, Koyel had booked him a taxi. Ultadanga Main road home from Lake Club. But the driver after picking her up from the place suddenly canceled the trip. When asked why he did it, the driver said that Koyel doesn't have to worry about it, that he will arrive at the destination on time.

The driver's actions drove the young actress crazy and when she called the Kolkata police helpline, it took 15 to 20 attempts to finally connect. The harassment did not end here. Koyel says the police took almost an hour and a half to arrive.

While speaking about the incident, Koyel Das who played a crucial role in Arindam Sil Mitin Mashi said: I received the invitation from Lake Club after my performance in the movie was loved by many. I booked the taxi around 10 pm. The trip started on time, but when I checked my phone after a while, I noticed that the trip had been canceled. The taxi was at the turnoff of E. M. at that time. When I asked the driver repeatedly, he said I didn't have to worry about that. He has disconnected the internet for some reason. The driver insisted apni chinta korben na ... apnake jayga moto pouche debo. He was also drunk. I was totally scared and when the cabin slowed down at a traffic signal, I started screaming. The driver stopped the car and some locals got together and didn't let him go until the police arrived. Finally the police arrived after almost an hour and a half. My question is why did it take so long? ”Said the actress.

She added: “It was horrible. We talk about the safety of women in Calcutta every day, but we face these situations almost occasionally. We walk the streets with our protectors. We wear our dresses. We abandoned our education because that was the price of security. That was the deal we made with the devil we know to escape the devil that we cannot. I saw a police van pass when all this happened. Surprising when I asked for help, they just looked at me. A woman who asked the police for help and looked at me with surprised faces! I don't know if this is natural.