Beyhadh Update January 2, 1: Rajiv Betrays Maya

Beyhadh 2 update, January 1: Rajiv betrays Maya

In the latest episode of Beyhadh 2, Maya calls Rajiv but he does not pick up her call and she is worried about him.

Ameer asks Rajiv who is his partner, he says that he does not have a partner. MJ Threatens to hit him.

Ananya shows Rudra the print of his and Maya’s hand together. Rudra says he doesn't love her, when Ananya asks about Maya.

Rishi She is upset with Maya and she asks him to wait until night to clear up her doubts.

Rudra sees Maya at the office working till late, Rudra watches her through the glass door.

Rishi tells Rudra he shall wait in the office for some more time.

MJ tells Rajiv that he won his trust today by telling him everything.

Rishi is looking for Maya but he does not find her in her cabin. Maya saves Rishi from a table falling on him.

Maya tells Rishi that he did not want a favor from him so she did not inform him that she worked at his brother’s company.

Rishi says he thought that she was planning something against him and Rudra. Maya says, when love is weak, it loses trust.

Rishi promises her that he will never doubt her, and will trust her. Maya then asks Rishi to leave.

Rajiv tells Maya that he had no choice and he had to sign the papers. Maya gets angry at Rajiv and breaks a glass on his head.