Trinayani Update, January 1: Sanjukta tries to convince Dripta

In the last episode of Trinayani, Jeet intends to leave the house. He thinks he should leave the Basu mansion just like his mother and older brother Piku . But Nayan, Thammi and Pratima stop him. Vicky comes with his bag. Wait for someone to stop him. But none shows any interest in stopping it. Vicky pretends to be sobbing and ashamed of his misdeeds. Jeet, who knows Vicky's facts very well, makes fun of him. Nayan It also shows no mercy.

Rangana you raise a lot. She doesn’t want to leave with hubby Piku, who was a part of Sanjukta It's conspiracy. She pleads Nayan to let her stay with them. Nayan stops her. Piku, too, pretends to be ashamed of his earlier actions.

Jeet enquires about his mom and learns that Sanjukta is with Dripta . Nayan starts panicking since she is aware of Sanjukta’s evil side.

Meanwhile, Sanjukta starts materializing her plan and tries to manipulate Dripta. Although she pretends to leave the house, deep inside she wants Dripta to stop her.

Nayan notices them talking inside the locked room and realizes Sanjukta will convince Dripta at any cost. She pleads Dripta to open the door and not listen to Sanjukta. But Dripta denies her request and talks to Sanjukta who he used to respect a lot. Sanjukta tries to take advantage of Dripta’s emotion.