Argha Deep prepared for the launch of his next

Argha Deep Chatterjee, who has directed films such as Jojo, Rhododendron and Pori Jai, is ready for the release of his next film. The thriller titled ‘ Mukhosh 'stars Paayel Sarkar , Rajatava Dutta , Shantilal Mukherjee , Prantik Banerjee and Amrita in key roles.  Mukhosh

“The story revolves around a girl who arrives at a police station to archive a lost diary of her older sister. The suspect in the case is his brother-in-law, Ronojoy Sanyal. Initially, the police refuse to file a complaint because Ronojoy is an influential businessman who has become a politician, but then gives up. If the girl finds her sister or not, that's what the movie is about, said the director, who also wrote the story.

Meanwhile, Paayel is excited to be part of the movie and to play such a challenging character: “It's the first time I will play a character that has gray tones. It's a pretty challenging role, but I think I've done a good job.