Vadinamma Update, January 1: Bharat puts Siri in place

In the last episode of Vadinamma , Bharat calls Sita When she is busy and asks you to send some money for payment at your department store. Siri suggest send Sailu as she can drive the bike. But she refuses to go to the store on the bike as she had a bad driving experience the other day. Sita then asks Siri to go and also drop Nani at the college. Siri doesn’t know how to drive a bike but she doesn’t admit the same before Sita. She reluctantly accepts to go to the store dropping Nani midway. She somehow manages to manipulate Nani to drive the bike.

On the way, he leaves with his friend asking Siri to drive away from there. Bharat, who is awaiting someone’s arrival at the store with the money, finds Siri pushing the bike. She gives him the money and insists upon taking the bike. But he in turn asks her to drive back home on the bike. She doesn’t disclose to him that she can’t drive a bike and reluctantly drags it back home.

At night, Sita updates Raghuram that Siri drove a bike for the first time. When Raghu asks Siri about the experience, she considers about the same. Adding that she has driven even a lorry once, Siri then cooks up a story that she has overtaken a hi-speed luxury car as well. Bharat, who is silently witnessing her narration from a while, steps in. He pulls her leg in front of everyone. She manages to escape but curses him for not supporting her. She decides to go to bed only after he is asleep. Bharat realises that Siri must have been offended and decide to check on her. She finally admits that she has boasted about her driving talent but adds that he should have supported her.