Preview of Bigg Boss Kannada January 7, 2: contestants to block horns to earn individual points in the luxury budget task

Bigg Boss Kannada 7 It is one of the most anticipated reality shows on Kannada television. From interesting tasks to unpleasant arguments, the popular reality show always has something new to offer.

It seems that Bigg Boss has returned with another interesting task. The next episode will witness a unique task, where the contestants will be seen acting as individuals.

According to the latest promotion, the contestants are seen giving their best shot in a new task where they have the opportunity to earn luxury points individually. All they need to do to earn the luxury budget points is to safeguard a globe given to them in different tasks.

In the previous episode, Padma (Deepika Das's mother) made a surprise entrance through the front door and spent time with her beloved daughter.

Padma not only got emotional after meeting her daughter, she also spoiled Deepika and spent quality time with her. On top of that, Deepika's mother also gave him some advice.

While Deepika was talking about her contestant Shine Shetty, Padma reluctantly asked him to stay away from him. He also warned Deepika not to cross the limit and hurt her by going against her wishes.