Novak Djokovic leads the calls for the ATP Cup and the merger of the Davis Cup

BRISBANE: Serbian superstar Novak Djokovic he said on Thursday it didn't make sense to have a team of two men tennis competitions and suggested that the new ATP Cup should be merged with the Davis cup .

The ATP Cup is about to begin its inaugural edition, replacing a series of previous Australian Open Warm-up tournaments with the new round-robin competition.

It comes six weeks after the revamped Davis cup , which also has countries playing each other in a round-robin format, was held in Madrid.

Canadian Denis Shapovalov suggested earlier Thursday that the two events, one led by the men's tour, the AsociaciĆ³n de profesionales del tennis , and the other by the FederaciĆ³n internacional de tennis - It should be combined.

It is a very similar event and it is literally one after the other, so it feels a little strange what it feels like if the world championships come to play another world championship, Shapovalov said.

So, for me I don't understand why they, the ATP and the ITF cannot combine, they cannot join, they cannot reach an agreement and make a single tournament really unique and special for everyone.

When asked about the Canadian's comments, Djokovic, who is on the board of ATP players, agreed.

We need to have a World Super Cup event, whatever you want to call it, he said.

"That's not going to happen next year as well. But if the two sides, the ITF, the Davis cup , and the ATP get together very quickly, it can happen possibly for 2022.

"I hope it will happen because it's kind of hard to get top players to commit to play both events, the Davis cup and the ATP Cup.

And they are six weeks apart, so they are not helping each other in terms of marketing, in terms of the value of the event. Djokovic's concerns were shared by Frenchman Nicolas Mahut, who said that having two men's teams was too much.

Obviously, we don't need two competitions in the same way. Two team competitions is too much, he said.

Djokovic does not normally play in Australian before the year's first Grand Slam in Melbourne, but he will use the ATP Cup to prepare for his attempt to win an eighth Australian Open crown.

"The Australian Open courts, Melbourne Park was always very suitable to my game, and I can't wait to go back there," he said.

Obviously, that's probably my most successful course in my career, in my life, so I love playing there.

Djokovic's first game in the ATP Cup will be against South African Kevin Anderson on Saturday.